Each month around here, I tell you all the books I have been reading. Why? Because choosing books to read can be hard and everyone needs a little book inspiration from time to time. 

I love to read. Books are my thing. We read a lot around our house. We talk about books. We listen to books. We read books and then watch movies. I am a big believer that loving good books are contagious. All you need some really good inspiration. 

I challenge myself to read a certain number of books each year. I try to mix it up between fiction and nonfiction. Up until a few years ago, I never read fiction. In 2010, I challenged myself to read 10 fiction books in one year. After that year, I was hooked. Fiction is now a regular part of my reading rotation. 

I'm on a mystery kick around here. I just can't get enough mystery novels these days. Isn't that how reading goes sometimes? You get stuck on a genre and just can't quit!

I keep finding myself researching more good mystery novels. Do you have a favorite mystery novel? I want to know what it is!!!

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Louise is a single mom. She has a good job. She loves her son. On a rare night out, she meets a great guy at a bar. They part after one kiss and she is thrilled that her life has finally turned a corner. 

Louise arrives at work on Monday to find out that guy, David, is her new boss. And he is married to Adele. 

Louise accidentally becomes friends with Adele and David still has a thing for Louise. This story ends nothing like you think. It is full of twists and is like no other book I've read lately. 

It's a page turner folks! A thriller about second chances and complicated relationships. 


Dead Letters: A Novel
By Caite Dolan-Leach

Eighteen months ago, Ava packed her bags and went to live in Paris. She left behind a complicated family. Her mother is suffering from dementia, her Dad left, and her twin sister is anything but supportive. 

She started over in Paris and is loving her life when she gets a message from home. Her twin sister is missing. 

Ava is forced to return home and face her past. Her sister is presumed dead, but Ava is convinced this isn't true. Her sister Zelda has always drawn attention to herself in any way possible. Is this another stunt? Ava is on a mission to find the truth. 


Call It Courage
By Armstrong Sperry

Mafatu has been scared of the sea his whole life. His father is the Great Chief of the Island they live on. They are a sea fearing people who worship courage. Mafatu worries that maybe he doesn't posses any courage. He feels like an outsider. 

At the age of 15 he decides to face his fears. He takes his dog and a boat and enters the water. He goes on a long journey to find the courage he never thought he had. He learns about survival and hope. He sees a side of himself he didn't know he had. 

I read this book aloud with my 5th grader. We both loved it. It is a short book - perfect for reading aloud in my opinion. 

I highly recommend adding this to a read aloud list for your family.


I'd been hearing rumblings about this book for some time. We finally grabbed the audiobook on a road trip and started listening to it. 

The 12 week year urges readers to set quarterly rather than yearly goals. The theory is you are more motivated to crush your goals in smaller increments of time. 

Often times yearly goals are made and set aside. Forgotten. But 12 week goals force us to stay focused and more productive. 

This book is equal parts theory and practical advice. Many ideas were new to me and I'm excited to implement these things next quarter. 

Head over here to sign up for the 12 Week Year newsletter. They have great freebies to help you set up a 12 week year. 

What have you been reading?

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