I’m so happy you are here! I am a mom of three and married to Brad. We believe in setting big goals, people over things, and tacos…..lots of tacos.

Ten years ago, we were a one income family on a small ministry salary.

We were struggling to make ends meet.

We dreamed of a better life for our family, but we felt stuck.

How do we live out a calling to ministry AND reach our goals?

We read this book and made a goal to pay off all of our debt (including our home) as fast as we possibly could. We dove head first into learning how to save money on anything from food to home repairs.

We set a crazy goal to increase our household income by creating multiple streams of income into our home.

In short, we worked our butts off!! In May of 2018, we walked into our local bank and paid the last payment on our mortgage.

My blog is for women like me who want to learn how to pay off debt and save money.

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