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Welcome to our resource page. We love to read. We love research new and better ways to do things. Here a quick little list of all things we use in our home and business that make life awesome! Everything on this page is something we have used. We wouldn't put anything on this page that we didn't use and love. We appreciate you. We wouldn't want to do anything here that would violate your trust. With that being said, some of these links are affiliate links. This means that if you should purchase, we receive a small commission at not extra cost to you.

On to the resources!!!



I've said it before and I'll tell anyone who will listen - WE LOVE EMEALS. Brad and I both have the app on our phones. Every Wednesday we get a brand new dinner AND lunch menu #GodBless added to our app. It has a full grocery store list and recipes. You can pick whatever diet you want AND whatever store you like to shop at. (.........I KNOW!!!)  We divide up the cooking at our home. Our people like to eat. This burden was not meant for one person (can I get an AMEN?). E meals makes it super easy for us to tackle all this crazy together and ON BUDGET ( aka my love language). 

Motivated Moms

Life is busy. I work. I have kids and a marriage. The last thing i need in my life to remember when was the last time I washed the kids sheets! This is why I LOVE motivated moms planners. It tells me what household tasks to do each day to keep up with the housework. It even throws in quartlery and yearly household tasks that I never rememember to do because who in the world thinks about changing the filter in the air conditioner! I usually divy up the tasks to my people and go on with my day. Less thinking. More living. 




PicMonkey is our favorite go-to photo editing site. Super easy to use. We use it to edit photos and do simple graphic design. The premium membership is a great price and gives you some great bonus features you can't get on the free version. It it worth the cost!


Boardbooster is the tool I use to manage my Pinterest account. I automatically pins my old content as well as manages new pins for me when I request it to do so.  It is easy to use and a great price. 

Best Blogging Reads

Building a Framework: Everything I Learned in My First Year of Blogging

Building a framework is one of my favorite DIY blog books. Abby touches on all the basics of blogging. A book for the those of us going at it by ourselves she teaches us step by step all the basics of building a blog for profit. I love the chapter of photography. A must have manual for any blogger. 

My Knowtbook

We are HUGE fans of Amy Lynn Andrews. Everything she puts out is pure gold so I was not surprised by how much I loved My Knowtbook. It is literally like her notebook of tips and tricks. It is easy to navigate and use. Have a quick blogging question? She probably has it answered here. All the behind the scenes information you've always wanted from Amy Lynn Andrews.