We read Financial Peace in 2008 and never looked back! At the time, we were deeply in debt and barely making it on our flucuating ministry income. We were ready for a change. We followed all the baby steps and are currently working on paying off our mortgage. Financial Peace was our road map from desperation to peace. We paid off $18,000 in 18 months usuing this program. We learned how to budget on a low income and increase our income beyond our wildest dreams. This book gave us hope to try again. 


We use Emeals to plan our meals and keep our food budget under control. We love emeals becasue they plan your menu based on your store preference and dietry needs. You can pick a meal plan for 2 or 6 people. We have the Aldi store menu plan. Each week, we get a new dinner menu and shopping list. Each week costs me under $70 for dinner! You can't beat it. Signup here. 


I have learned the hard way that keeping your home tidy and clean can save you money! I don't overbuy when I know what I have on hand. The Motivated Mom's Planner tells me everything I need to do to keep my home running smoothly. It is a full year planner that breaksdown all the home chores you can imagine into daily actvities. This planner helps me stay orgazined around our home. I love it. You can grab your planner here. 





Ebates gives YOU cashback on your on-line purchases. It could not be easier. Each time you go to make a purchase on-line go through Ebates and when you complete your purchase you will recieve cashback through a check or paypal! It is a no-brainer way to  make some extra cash! Sign up here. 


Using cash was a big reason we paid off our debt so quickly. Using cash forces you to spend less and stay focused. We love the cash wallets from A Time For Everything. These wallets are made with quality, beautiful fabric. They are laminiated and come with tabs to divide your cash into budget categories. You can purchase one here. 


To save money and reach your big goals, you need to be organized. We have tried many different budgeting materails over the years. We love paper and pen. This year we are using Jessi Fearson's Real Life on a Budget planner. This planner is a printable document with a full year of goal sheets, calendars, budget sheets, and emergency meeting notes. Jessi gives a helpful tutorial on how she uses her planner. You can buy one here. 


The truth is, there are many legitmate ways to earn an income from home. We have tried many over the years. Here are our favorite ways to make money from home. 

EBA. Blogging is an excellent way to earn extra income from home. Some people make more than a full-time income from blogging! Blogging income does not come in overnight. It takes a lot of work and time to create an income from blogging. The only resource we recommed for blogging for profit is Elite Blog Academy. This course is a 12 unit, comprehensive program to educate you step-by-step in the business of blogging. It took me one full year to complete this course. Six months later, my blog was profitable. The doors to EBA only open once a year, head over here to get on the waiting list! 

THRED-UP. Selling things you have around your home is an easy way to make money from home! Thread-up could not be an easier. Simply sign up here and request they send you a bag. Fill up your Thread-up bag with unwanted items from your closet and send it back to Thread-up. You don't have to pay shipping. Thread-up will list your clothes on thier website. When someone purchases an item, you get a credit! Check out Threadup here. 

EBATES. Ebates gives you cashback on your online purchases. All you have to do is signup. It is free to join. Everytime you make a purhcase, you can go through the Ebates site or use the Chrome extension. Ebates will pay you by check or paypal. It is an easy way to make money purchasing things your family needs! Check out how I use Ebates to make money here. 

BOARDBOOSTER. If you decide to blog for business, you need to learn how to master Pinterest. Pinterest is a blogging goldmine for bloggers. It is an excellent way to get the word out about your blog and attract readers. Getting your blogposts onto PInterest can take a lot of time, so we use boardbooster to circulate our pins. Boardbooster is easy to setup. It takes us about 4 hours a month to setup our pins. You can sign up for boardbooster here. 

ETSY ( START A SHOP OR BE AN AFFILIATE). Are you crafty? Do you enjoy drawing or typogaphy? Do you have any speical handmade gifts that you could sell? Etsy is an economicaly way to sell your handmade creations online. Settng up a shop is easy. It cost 0.20 to list one item for 3 months. Compared to most online shop platforms, Etsy is a steal. Plus, they have hundreds of tips and tricks to help you sell product. Learn more and sign up here.