Enough with Rushing. 

There's something to be said for simplicity and lunch shouldn't be difficult.  But how often do you find yourself scrambling for lunch ideas and spending time meal planning when you could be spending time on something else?  Or worse, how often do you find yourself throwing in the towel trying to have a homemade lunch but find yourself in a drive-thru followed by a good dose of parent guilt for not making healthier choices.  What if you could have easy to prepare lunches, with no planning, and save money?  




In this FREE Aldi meal plan you will get:

  • Our favorite Aldi items we buy each week for lunches

  • A sample of our monthly lunch meal plan

  • A free blank calendar to plan lunches for you family 

  • Our FAVORITE lunch boxes and containers

  • 10 Easy, delicious lunches your kids will LOVE with ingredients from you local Aldi store

  • Tips for prepping lunches in 5 minutes or less 

  • Our Favorite Lunch making appliance we use each week 


Meet the Voigts

Listen, we have a circus to manage just like you.  There's Melissa, Brad and then their people.  Silence in our home is as rare as an unopened cereal box, so we get your need for some help.  We've been in debt and back out. We have full time jobs, spare time start ups, plus all the activities for the kids.  There is no such thing as mastery in the Voigt house but if it's simple...well, we love it.  We've paid attention to meals our kids love and what's simple to prepare.  Most of all, we're in full support of our German friends helping us save coin at Aldi.  Our hope is this printable plan and shopping list provides your life a little peace in the midst of your circus!