Since We Fell: A Novel
By Dennis Lehane

Rachel Childs, a journalist, has an on-air mental breakdown. She lives out her days as a shut-in. Fearful of recognition and crowds.

She meets an wonderful man and gets married. But one rainy day, her tidy life begins to fall apart. The life she knew is over and she has to find the strength to survive. 

This book starts exploring Rachel's past and quickly moves into her adult life. It is full of detail and complex characters. It is full of twists. 


Since We Fell follows Rachel Childs, a former journalist who, after an on-air mental breakdown, now lives as a virtual shut-in. In all other respects, however, she enjoys an ideal life with an ideal husband. Until a chance encounter on a rainy afternoon causes that ideal life to fray. As does Rachel’s marriage. As does Rachel herself. Sucked into a conspiracy thick with deception, violence, and possibly madness, Rachel must find the strength within herself to conquer unimaginable fears and mind-altering truths. By turns heart- breaking, suspenseful, romantic, and sophisticated, Since We Fell is a novel of profound psychological insight and tension. It is Dennis Lehane at his very best.