Each month around here, I tell you all the books I have been reading. Why? Because choosing books to read can be hard and everyone needs a little book inspiration from time to time. 

I love to read. Books are my thing. We read a lot around our house. We talk about books. We listen to books. We read books and then watch movies. I am a big believer that loving good books is contagious. All you need some really good inspiration. 

I challenge myself to read a certain number of books each year. I try to mix it up between fiction and nonfiction. Up until a few years ago, I never read fiction. In 2010, I challenged myself to read 10 fiction books in one year. After that year, I was hooked. Fiction is now a regular part of my reading rotation. 

I'm on a mystery kick around here. I just can't get enough mystery novels these days. Isn't that how reading goes sometimes? You get stuck on a genre and just can't quit!

BUT I've branched out a bit lately. You'll notice in my list I've read some great books this month and not all of them are mysteries. WOOT! I'm excited to share these with you. 


What happens to the people left behind when tragedy strikes? What do they go through? 

A middle school girl is abducted in a convenient store in broad daylight. She disappears without a trace. Meredith is the only witness to her abduction. The masked man leaves her behind. 

After the abduction, Meredith spends most of her time alone. The community tries to rally. Meredith's mom comes to terms with the reality that she cannot protect her child. 

This book is unlike anything I've read recently. It explores the questions about what happens to the people who survive trauma? How do children process fear and grief? How do they cope? How do they heal? Is that even possible? It is a beautiful and sobering read. 


Rachel Childs, a journalist, has an on-air mental breakdown. She lives out her days as a shut-in. Fearful of recognition and crowds.

She meets an wonderful man and gets married. But one rainy day, her tidy life begins to fall apart. The life she knew is over and she has to find the strength to survive. 

This book starts exploring Rachel's past and quickly moves into her adult life. It is full of detail and complex characters. It is full of twists. 




Since We Fell: A Novel
By Dennis Lehane

Sunshine Mackenzie is a food network star. She has a #1 best selling cookbook, millions of fans, and a thriving career. 

The only problem is, her life is a lie. She has too many secrets and one day a hacker begins to reveal them all online. One by one. 

In an instant, her career and her marriage are over. She forced to reconcile with her estranged sister and start over. 

Hello Sunshine is unlike anything I've ready lately. A delightful book to read. I've been in mystery mode all summer long. It was so good to take a break! 


Lucy Barton was supposed to have a simple operation and go home. Instead, an infection has taken over her body forcing her to stay in the hospital for nine weeks. 

Her children are small so her husband must stay with them. Her mother, who she has not spoken to in many years, comes to visit. 

They reconnect and talk of old friends and neighbors. Lucy begins to think about her childhood, growing up in poverty and the odds she over came to escape her troubled family. 

The narrative in the book is powerful. The story is sobering and real. Lucy's voice is unforgettable. A book I would of never picked on my own, but I'm so glad I read it. 

I Found You: A Novel
By Lisa Jewell

Alice, a single mom, finds a man outside her house she doesn't know. He has no name, no jacket, and no memory. 

At the same time Lilly, a newlywed, realizes her husband is missing. He leaves for work at the same time each day and comes home at the same time each night. He never came home from work yesterday and she is beginning to worry. 

Twenty- three years ago, the Ross family went on their yearly summer holiday to the beach. Everything about this summer trip is uneventful until they meet a young man. Something seems off about him. Should they be worried? 

I Found You is full of twists and turns. The characters are fresh and relatable. The story is strong without being overly violent. This is one of my favorite mystery books of the year so far!



I set some new goals in July. One of my goals is to read more business books. I made a list of all the books I want to read for personal / business development this year. Think of it, as my own back-to-school for business growth. 

I may write about all that at some point, but The Miracle Morning was one of the first books on my list to read. 

I've heard about this book from so many people I admire and respect. I've wanted to read it for years. I'm so glad I finally did. 

Hal lays out a simple morning routine. His miracle morning can take an hour or 7 minutes if you're in a rush. His positivity is contagious. His story is of how he created this miracle morning routine is unbelievable! 

Loved this book so much I bought it (which I RARELY buy books) so you know its a keeper!

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