The ONE Decision that Changed our Finances

A few years ago, we were coming out of a really hard season. We had faced countless setbacks.  We were tired. We felt hopeless. Our hard work and dedication had not brought us to a place peace and success. Instead, we wrestled with immense feelings of failure. We desperately needed to WIN at something. 

This particular season had left our finances in ruin. Our income was limited and irregular. We were struggling to make ends meet and had zero savings. We were one emergency short of disaster and we knew it. 

We committed to working at this together. We listened to one another and we began to set goals. We were ready to take responsibility and clean up our mess.  After a lot of discussion and brainstorming, we decided to sell one of our cars. At that time, we had one paid for car and one car with a car payment. We needed to sell the car we had a payment on. It was killing our finances.

A few months later, we sold that car to a private seller, saved some cash, and bought a used car with cash. We committed to always buy cars with cash and pay off all of our consumer debt. Eighteen months and hundreds of coupons later, we did it. We paid off $18,000 of consumer debt. We took the kids to Disneyland to celebrate.

That one decision to sell our car and commit to living without a car payment changed everything for us. But I realize now it wasn't just the car payment. It was the snowball of hope that occurred after we paid cash for our first car. We couldn't believe it! We did it! We were so high on adrenaline we couldn't wait to tackle the next financial obstacle.  We found hope in the most unlikely of places - our finances. 

Of course, we had plenty of setbacks along the way. Our income was never regular and the stress of work made us want to quit and eat out every night. Our used paid for cars broke down and nearly drain our savings plenty of times and termites ate our front porch. Good times. 

I discovered during this season that the beauty of marriage isn't living together for 50 years, anybody can do that. The real beauty of marriage happens when we work TOGETHER. TOGETHER we set goals. TOGETHER we work to make those goals happen. TOGETHER we push each other along when life gets hard. TOGETHER we watch those goals happen.

We look back to those dark years with a healthy fear. We don't want to go back, but we do recognize that this last 7 years has shaped the way we view the future. We are extremely grateful for how far we've come. We see how discipline, hard work, simplicity, and hope create fruit. We know exactly where we want to go and who we want to be. We must move forward everyday. We continue to set ONE goal at a time together.

What is ONE THING you could do this month to change your financial future?