roll with it


This past month has felt incredibly insane. Busy schedules, two blizzards, a huge event ahead of us, and multiple snow days. In the midst of all this life goes on. Laundry has to be done, jobs need to be completed, and little people want to eat. Needless to say I've felt behind for 4 weeks straight. This momma needs to let the guilt go and just "roll with it." I've been waking up early to get a few things done in the quietness of the morning. I've gone to bed early. I've met a friend for breakfast. I've planned really easy meals. I've put aside my to do list and spent time with the kids when they need it. I've apologized to my family MULTIPLE times for my bad attitude. Most importantly, I'm adjusting my expectations of life. If something doesn't happen the way I want to; NO BIG DEAL.  It's not perfect, but I know this crazy season will come to an end and a new season will soon be upon us.