IMG_0465Dinnertime is slowly becoming one of my most favorite times of the day. Most nights we gather around this table in our kitchen for a good meal. Its not always calm and it is NEVER quiet. A game or two of tag has been know to errupt during dinner (lovely), but the food is always good and (usually) homemade. Guacamole is a favorite around here and homemade pizza must be made once each week


The cook may vary from night to night but no one is extempt from helping cook (mom, dad, and kids alike).


Some nights we light candles and have a "fancy dinner".


And some nights (when dad is working late) we read a book together while we eat.

readaloud2.jpgDinnertime can be stressful, but I have learned to just go with it. This part of our day is not about perfection, but about TIME. Time spent together. Time spent sharing our home with others. Time spent talking. Time spent investing in one another. Time well spent.