Good Reads: Kids Edition

Its been awhile since I have updated our kids reading adventures! We are always busy readers around here. Yet, I have changed my routine a bit. You see I have one independant reader, one early reader, and one preschooler. Juggling all those levels can be a bit tricky and I am always adjusting our routine to fit everyone's needs. These days I have outsourced my preschool reading to my VERY independant reader. Currently, they are reading through a GIANT Dr. Seuss collection. No one is complaining.

Meanwhile, my early reader and I cuddle up for some reading practice. I have a stack of books from the library that are perfect for his reading ability. This gives me plenty of time to give him some much needed one-on-one guidance.

We are finding that dinnertime is a FABULOUS time to read some books together as a family. Plus, it keeps little ones in their chair. BONUS!

We don't read every night, but 2 or 3 times a week we pick up our family read -a -loud and listen in. It has been a very RICH time. 

We just finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. GREAT BOOK TO READ ALOUD. Even my very active 3 year old followed along beautifully.

Currently, we are reading poetry. We started with A. A. Milne because she truely is a family favorite. Winnie the Pooh has bonded us. My children still quote from it. We eagerly await to indtroduce our youngest to this little gem of a book. We are SURE he will love it!

What is your family reading?