How we roll


In the name of full disclourse; the is how we roll at Target. This was one of those trips where I thought I was the one who was going to have a massive meltdown. Ever had one of those days?

Honestly, I LOVE my boys. They are great kids but (frankly) my boys laugh in the face of safety. They prefer a steady diet of implusivity and chaos and somedays they prefer to stretch everyones idea of "accetable behavior". This comes at no surprise to me. It is a true gift that my mother-in-law has adequately prepared me for. After all, she raised 3 boys and lived to tell about it.

These boys have successfully pushed their type-A, rule following, controlling mama outside of herself. Together we laugh at double carts and restraining devices. We don't blink an eye to a game of tag in the wine section! We must touch everything possible in the store and (when necessary) ride underneath the cart.

I am embracing the chaos of this season of life. Laughter truely is a gift. Truth be told, these boys are making me into a better woman. Everyday is an adventure. Each moment is completely unexpected. My life would be SO boring without them.