Potty Training: a list

1. This is my third time potty training and yet I still have no idea what I am doing. 2. I may or may not have offered my older children $20 bucks if they could finish this job. (I am REALLY good at motivating others!)

3. I am praying #2 works out in my favor.

4. My total attitiude about this process is "HO-HUM. If he gets it, GREAT! If not, he will catch on someday."

5. I may or may not have been sitting with Mack FOREVER in the bathroom and then I spotted Zeke.  I said to Zeke, "Hey will you finish up for me in here ? Great!" Thus, the above shot.

6. I love that this time around potty training is a team event. It makes me giggle.

7. At any time during they day you may hear CK and Zeke giving potty training advice to Mack. Zeke even measured his height to potty ratio. Yep, he is tall enough to pee in the potty. Whew, I know we are all worried about that one!

8. That is all I have for now.

9. I probably have to go sit someone down on the potty.

10. Wish us all luck!