This is my youngest. I need you to know that there is WAY too much energy cooped up in this little body. We snapped up this picture a few weeks ago watching big trucks go down the street. We live an INTENSE life.

He is nearly three . Although he has a severe speech disorder, this guy has a distinct vocabulary.

"shing-shing, ".....oh you mean SWORD!

"bing-na?".......wear do you see a BUNNY?

"Vroom, Vroom"....... yes Mack we are getting in the CAR.

"num-yums".....what do you want to EAT?

I love this little man. He has some mad sign language skills. He can tell you an entire story without words. He eats 3 separate breakfasts and no dinner (thankyouverymuch). He slurps when he wants some ice cream and blows air in your face when he needs some cake. He loves to wrestle and wears the clothes his big brother wore at 5.

His presence in our life has opened up a new world to us. A world we may have never known existed. We are thankful and hopeful for this little guy. He is a true joy.