Six Things a Six Year Old Can Do to Earn Cash

Recently my six year old saved $50. He was saving up all his hard earned money to buy some new Legos. We drove to Target, picked out the Batman Legos, and paid the cashier with at least 25 one dollar bills. It was amazing.

I tell you that story for 3 reasons:

1. We believe in giving our kids money to complete tasks around the home for the purpose of teaching them to manage money.

2. We believe in teaching our kids the power of saving, delaying gratification, and giving to those in need.

3. We believe it is OUR job as parents to MODEL appropriate money managing skills IN FRONT of our kids.

So, what kind of things does this guy do around our home? Here are six things a six year old can do at your house to earn some money!

1. Clear off the dishes from the dinner table

2. Wipe down the counter tops (kitchen and  bath)

3. Vacuum

4. Make his bed

5. Put away his toys

6. Put away laundry

What do you teach your kids about money?