Good Reads: April Edition

I read some really great books this month! Here is a breakdown of all the books I tore through. Booking-it.

As usual, I read along with Jessica's on-line book club. We read The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball. I could not put this book down. Kristin is  a gifted wrtier and storyteller. She tells her own story of moving from the city to the country to start  a farm with her new husband. I have an new respect for farmers and THE WORK it takes to have a farm. I am inspired to eat more local food this year. It has always been on the "i should do that someday" list. Reading Kristen's book gave me a little push to make that happen!


In our long car ride, Brad and I listen to Home Court Advantage by Kevin Leman and One-Mintue Entreprenuer. Home Court Advantage is one of my favoirte family advice books. Kevin Leman is hilarious. I love his writing style and his "no-drama" approach to parenting. In this book, he talks about how to create an environment in your home that creates a sense of belonging. It is full of practial advice and humor. I love this book.

One-Minute Entreprenuer is  a series of books by Ken Blanchard. It is written in a narrative format. Brad and I love business. We love talking marketing, selling, finance, and strategy (....nerds, i know). This books gives a lot of great and timeless advice to anyone looking to start and own their own business.


10 Habits of Happy Mothers by Meg Meeker

Meg is a peditrician and gifted writer. If you are a mother, I highly recommend this book. Meg urges mothers to be kind to themselves. She pushes her readers to think of themselves as GREAT MOTHERS. I love that. We can be so hard on ourselves! Her 10 habits include friendships, simplicity, faith, and so much more. It was a book I could really relate too!

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

I have been a long time reader of Ann's blog. Her book did not disapoint! Ann's writing style is amazing. She has an incredible gift. More than that, her transparent and real faith drew me in immediately. All I can say is, GET THIS BOOK.

The Late Talker

Our youngest son has apraxia; a severe speech disorder. In all honesty, I had not read any books on apraxia yet. The Late Talker was a great place to start. It stresses early intervention and gives advice for helping your child cope and thrive. It gives practical advice for dealing with everything from doctors, therapists, school districts, insurance, and so much more.

What have you been reading?