Bake Sale

Here is the thing about having 2 kids in school.

When the school carnival comes around, you must make 2 cakes. I suppose you really COULD make only one, but then the school does this competition thing between the classes. You know, the class with the most cakes at the cake walk wins?

So then, you must make 2 cakes, because you're a mom....and you believe that fairness is actually attainable......(sigh).

So you find the best helper money can buy.....

......and you tell him not to eat the brownie mix

....because some other family is going to be eating these brownies.

Your helper totally understands what you are saying and is sympathetic to hygienic cooking.

Dear Nestle's cocoa, I give this moment to you.

You have the BEST brownie recipe EVER!

After all is said and done, you reward your little helper with the special job of licking the spoon

.....because the "fair police" are at school

...... and ignorance is bliss sometimes.