WE DROVE TO ORLANDO and lived to tell about it

We were on spring break last week.

Turns out spring break is the only time we have all year to get in a little family vacation.

Also turns out that last year I declared we'd be spending spring break in a warm climate.

The hubs, go-with-the-flow-kinda-guy, agreed! Through a crazy turn of events, we snapped up a condo in Orlando. Now, what does a super cute family of five with three ADORABLE kids under 8 do in Orlando?

Yep, you guessed it.


We watched stalked airline flights for 3 months, hoping and praying a good deal would come along. NOPE. No luck. So.......we drove. 20 hours, 1 minivan, 3 kids.

It was a party. Seriously. We ate more junk, stayed up WAY too late, drove through 6 states, watched a million movies, and spent 9 whole days together. It doesn't get much better than that!

I drove home thinking how blessed we are not only to be able to travel with our kids, but seriously how much fun it is. Of course, we made plans for next year. Beach? maybe. Driving? My six year old hopes we fly. Fun? You bet!