Have you heard of StickyGram? StickyGram takes your Istagram pictures and turns them into magnets. Pretty cool, right? StickyGram couldn't be easier and faster to use. It takes NO time to pick out your pictures and order these little babies. Shipping is free and my order came within a week. Woot!

We use our StickyGram magnets as a part of our speech therapy for our 2 year old. It has been fantastic! If you have a child in speech and are looking for an easy way to work on some target words, try StickyGram. I took pictues of our target words AND orded them in 10 minutes. I am hooked.

Here is what they look like on our fridge.

They come in packs of 9. I plan on ordering more!

How do you use your StickyGram magnets?