WORDS are all over this house these days.

Big kids (and adults alike.....) are writing books.

Medium sized kids are learning to write (and read!) words. 

....and the smallest of kids is learning to use his hands to communicate words.






In our house, we use these words ........

to write a letter to a friend a half a world away.

to organize my never ending to do list.

to memorize scripture.

to plan family nights.

to learn new things.

to communicate our love for each other (....and our frustration too!).

to dream about our future.

to journey together to a make-believe land.

to make up a story and suddlenly be participating in the adventure.

Yes our words may come out on paper, through our mouths, or (even) through our hands. No matter here; we accept all forms of communication in this house. These words define us. These words are forming us. These words bind us; and for this I am extrememly grateful.