The Eating Out Bag



This little bag is in my van at all times. It is one of the greatest things that has happened to me as a parent of 3. Here is my friend the "eating out bag."

In all honesty, we use this bag for a lot of things.  Yes, we take it into restaurants, but we also take it into basketball practice or sporting events. It occupies our younger children, while our eldest plays a game. I take it with me to doctors appointments or any other time I know we will have to wait. It keeps little hands occupied and (hopefully) quiet!

Here is what is in my bag:

1. A mesh zippered pouch to hold cars and smaller toys.

2. A car road map. Great for racing cars!

3. Lots of cars!!!!

4. Superheros and Dinosaurs - what more does a little boy need?

5. Model Magic. If I could take ONE THING with me to keep little ones occupied and quiet it would be this. It can keep the busiest of kids calm. I love it!

6. Smart Links. They came from a Wendy's kids meal, but I love them. My boys love to create with them!

These items may change a bit from time to time. If you have all girls my little ponies would be a great addition! Also, travel size games are a great idea. I have a small go-fish game my toddler loves!

How do you keep your little ones quiet at restaurants?