"Quiet Time"

I'm not sure where the concept of "quiet time" came from. It was probably an idea I took from a toddler partenting book and have adapted it over the years. Nevertheless if you lived in our home, you'd know that quiet time or "rest time" is a staple in these parts. Each day about 1 pm, we retreat to our rooms for quiet. Yes most days it is just me and the little guy. He goes to his bed (....eventually falls asleep) and I to my room. The rules are simple: do whatever you please (as long as you are quiet). Yes, the time varies upon your age. When the big kids are home from school they usually stay for about an hour.

The little man? usually about 2.

Me? Is okay to say that somedays I could stay all day?

The older kids play with toys, crochet, write, or read. The little guy may sing or take all the clothes out of his dresser ........for fun. No, that has NEVER happened. No, that is not currently happening right now as I type.

I have found this time to be pure parenting magic. It is so ingrained in our routine that rarely will anyone fights us on it. Is funny to me that even my older children ( who most days are at school) expect this time to happen when they are home. Sure our summertime rhythm may vary a bit, but each day we carve out time to be quiet.

As a mother, this time has helped me to have a few hours each day to complete some needed task or work. If something urgent comes across my email or phone, I know that I will have 2 uninterrupted hours to get to it. I am free to enjoy my kids in the moment and not rush off to get work done.

This time helps feuding siblings take a break and gain perspective. It creates independance and autonomy. It is time for creaivty. Time to recharge our batteries. Time to be alone; which is hard to come by when you live with 5 people. Amen?

What routines have you created in your home?