what is your goal?

When my husband and I began to get our finances in order, we asked each other a simple question. What is our goal?

What do you really want to spend money on? What do you value the most?

It may sound silly to you, but I believe this has been one of the BIGGEST factors in our journey towards financial peace. We sat down together. We listened to one another. We made a plan. Before you make a budget,  you must know what you are aiming at!

Let's face it:  if we don't have a goal, budgeting is boring. Saving money can feel pointless. What is the point of clipping coupons and shopping sales if there is not a reward at the end?

For some of us it maybe a hobby, designer clothes, a new living room couch, a family vacation, or paying off your home. We all have different dreams. We all WANT different things. For my husband and I it was travel.  We drive used paid for cars. I could care less about high dollar jeans. We don't partcipate in expensive hobbies, but we LOVE to travel. We want to travel as a couple and we want to travel as a family. We want our children to experience all sorts of things that only travel can bring. We choose to live on a tight budget so we can travel. It is hard work, but totally worth it.

What is it that YOU WANT?

Make a plan and go after it.