Things I Don't Buy: Yogurt

Last summer my girlfriends starting making yogurt...... at home.....from scratch.

Confession #1:Up until this point in my life I had NO IDEA that was even possible. I thought yogurt only came from the store.

Confession #2: I am ALL for whole foods, made from scratch cooking, but this seemed OVER THE TOP to me.

Eventually they got to me. They talked about how easy it was to make and how much BETTER it tasted than yogurt from the store. Truthfully, all the "extra" ingredients in store bought yogurt had bothered me for some time. Did you know most of the major yogurt brands have dyes in them? Yikes!

I must have mentioned this crazy scratch cooking to my mother, because a few weeks later she bought me a sweet yogurt maker (thanks Mom!). I was hooked from my first batch. I may never go back to buying yogurt.

Don't have a yogurt maker? No biggie, Katie has it all written out for you here.

I usually make one batch a week. It takes about 10 minutes of hands-on time and 7 hours to set up in my machine.

We eat it with a little honey and granola sprinkled over it. It is fabulous in smoothies or in recipes that call for sour cream. We make ours with whole milk. It is FABULOUS. I promise.

Making yogurt  at home is good for our health and good for our wallet.