How We Budget (Part 2)

This week we are talking budgets. I shared with you our system for budgeting. You can read about it here. Today I want to focus on marriage and money. We have a few basic ground rules when it comes to money in our house. I guess you could call them core values. They are basic truths we believe about ourselves and money. We have developed them over time. We have either adopted them from a wise mentor or learned it the HARD WAY. Either way, these ideas work for us. They have become a foundation for our finacial peace.

1."Did we pay this?" -  We CAPTIALIZE on each other's strengths.

My husband is the one who opens all the bills and begins to pay them. If you haven't noticed, sometimes bills are wrong. I am the detail person (my husband is the creative one), so I usally do the research to make sure the bill has been paid or not. I keep us organzied. My husband can move an idea from a dream to a reality.  

2. "How much did we bring in this month?" - We motivate each other to WIN with money. 

I shared in a previous post, our income flucuates. It is really hard to budget on a flucuating income, but we make it work. When months are low, we discuss how much we would like to make the next month. It motiates us to seek out extra income. On the other hand when our income is high, we talk about being disciplined to live like we made less. We ask ourselves, "how much of this can we save  towards a finacial goal?"

3.".......I'm not so sure about this?" - We work to VALUE each other's opinion.

We listen to each other. If one of us is uneasy about a decision, we share. We work it out and move forward. If one of us wants to spend money on a big purchase, we talk about it. We share our dreams and ideas. It is not always easy, but it has blessed our finaces (and peace of mind) tremendously.

4. "How much should we save?" - We have common GOALS.

We have multiple savings accounts. We save towards specific short-term goals. We save for long-term goals. We talk about how much of our money to move towards these goals. We are working together to plan and secure our future.


Marriage and money is very complex. Know your strengths and admit your weaknesses. Keep on top of your income and your expenses each month. Pick a budgeting system that works for you and use it. Don't have one? Do what we did and make one up!  It doesn't matter if you use paper or a computer.

Learn from your mistakes and move forward. We are constantly learning and becomeing better at managing our finaces. We read a lot of books and blogs. We are constantly  looking to become better stewards of our money.  Believe you can win and move toward your goals.

What are your "ground rules" for money in your marriage?