Don't wait for a crisis

Many of us WANT to be finacially fit. We dream about accomplishing various finacial goals, but life gets in the way. We get busy. We put our dreams off until tomorrow.

Why? We think we are doing okay. Aren't we?

We think to ourselves:

"We are doing a good job managing our money. We don't have THAT much debt. We are able to pay all our bills each month."

But can I ask you;  what will motivate you to do to a GREAT JOB at managing your money?

Unfortunately for most of us, the motivation will come from a finacial trama. It is not until a job is lost, pay is cut, or our home needs a HUGE repair that we start to evlauate our finacial goals.

Make a goal this year to be different.

What is 1 thing  you could do to change your finanical status this year from GOOD to GREAT?