Naptime Ninja

It is no secret, my third child is a wild man. He has endless energy ! Heaven help me.  

Lately, naptime has become a bit of a battle ground. He GOES to bed (because in my house naptime IS NOT an option), but he has a hard time falling asleep ( he talks,he  laughs, he giggles, and makes "gun noises" for an hour straight). Good Golly. What's a mom to do?

Want to know one of  my secrets to a full-proof naptime? (yeah, i thought so.....)

Step 1. Find a couch.

Step 2. Pull off all the cushions. Make your toddler do it. It is great work for them! .......okay you can help a little........

Step 3. Jump, climb, pillow fight, walk on cushions, dance, fight superheros (we happen to live with Spiderman you know.......)

Step 4. KEEP on PLAYING. Get all that energy out. It is worth it and they are having so much fun. 

 Step 5. Crash on pillows and cuddle.Repeat as necessary. 

 Happy Napping! (.....oh and your welcome!)


The Naptime Ninja