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In the small town we grew up in there was one Aldi store. I'll be honest, I had NO CLUE what went on in there. We probably drove by it thousands of times growing up and never went inside. 

Honestly, I had a lot of preconceived notions about what Aldi was all about. Isn't it funny how we make up all these things about places we've never been too? How does that happen? 

I was sure the place was dirty and the food was full of bugs or something. I assured myself the quality was terrible. Why would I want to go IN THERE? 

BUT almost 10 years ago, I walked into my local Aldi for the first time. I browsed around and bought a few things. We were desperate to cut our food bill and I heard a rumor Aldi might be able to help me out. 

I was blown away by the prices and the cost. In time, I found the small store and bare-bones layout shaved hours off my weekly shopping trip and hundreds of dollars off our monthly food bill.

And you know what? The store was clean and no bugs were in the food. Just saying.....

So if you are desperate to save some money and have yet to walk into Aldi, let me hold your hand. It's gonna be great. Promise. 

Don't' be overwhelmed. Start small. Try buying a few things each week from Aldi and see how it goes. 

We put together a little starter list for you. Ten things you should buy from Aldi every single week.

Ready to go shopping? 

Let's do this.


Aldi cheese is the best! It might be my favorite thing to buy at my local Aldi. You can buy cheese shredded, in blocks, or in slices. You can also get fresh mozzarella, cheese sticks, and spreadable cheese triangles. 

The flavor is the same as in any chain grocery store and the prices really can't be beaten. If you are looking for an easy thing to sub and save money at Aldi, start with cheese. 



Sometimes at my local Aldi, I can get a dozen eggs for 48 CENTS! Prices do go up and down but Aldi eggs are a great deal. For most of the year, their egg prices beat Costco and Sam bulk pricing. 

We are a two dozen a week kinda family (no judgment please). I love being able to buy great eggs at a low price! 


3. MILK (COW Milk, ALMOND, Milk, COCONUT Milk, ETC.)

No matter what kind of milk your people drink, consider buying your milk at Aldi. We buy 2%, Almond Milk, and Coconut Milk from Aldi. We have no complaints. 

Aldi also carries organic Soymilk in regular and vanilla. Look for the Simply Nature Label. Almond Milk is available in original, vanilla, and chocolate. Of course, you can purchase cow's milk by the gallon and half a gallon. They carry 2% and skim in gallon size. They carry 1% and chocolate in 1/2 gallon size. 



I will not buy bananas anywhere else but at Aldi. I love that Adli bananas come in a bag. You know exactly how much your bananas will cost without weighing them. Brilliant! 

I always buy my bananas from Aldi a little (or sometimes a lot) green. If you let them sit on your counter without opening the bag, your bananas will be ripe in one or two days!

If you don't eat all your bananas, simply slice in rounds. Flash freeze for about 30 minutes and them store in your freezer in a baggie. Frozen round banannas are excellent in green smoothies. 





Aldi has a great Specialty Select brand. This line seems to be growing each year and we aren't complaining! 

We love the Ciabatta rolls. They are presliced and make excellent sandwiches. In fact, we've used them to make breakfast sandwiches, turkey pesto sandwiches, and ham and cheese sandwiches. 





We love Aldi's Specialty Select Naan. It comes in a regular or garlic flavor. Serve those with dinner OR use it to make Naan pizza for a quick lunch! 

They also carry pretzel rolls, Brioche Buns,  Sliced Chocolate Brioche Loaf (OMG!), French Baguette and more! Check out the Specialty Select brand in the bread section the next time you are in the store. 



Aldi carries all your baking needs at a fraction of the cost of your local grocery store. While you are there, you mind as well stock up on all your baking needs. White flour, sugars, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla, and chocolate chips. They have it all! 

Be sure to stop in during the Holiday season. Aldi will carry special baking items they don't carry all year long. It is a great time to stock up!! 


Aldi has a growing selection of nut butter. We love the flavor! Currently, they have peanut butter and almond butter. They carry an organic version of peanut butter as well. 

We purchase the big container of peanut butter is still cheaper than Costco peanut butter. The flavor is excellent. We don't even notice a difference.  Much like baking needs, Aldi is a fantastic place to stock up on pantry items like peanut butter! 



Aldi has a great (and growing) variety of frozen fruit. Our freezer is constantly stocked with this fruit. We love the tropical blend, frozen strawberries, and peaches. We use this fruit in our breakfast smoothies all year long. They also carry organic frozen strawberries and blueberries.

You can also use this fruit in your kid's lunches. Simply, place the frozen fruit in their lunch the night before. It should be thawed by lunch. 

Be sure to check your "Special Purchase" freezer section at your local each week. Throughout the year, our Aldi has special frozen fruit they don't carry all year long. When you see those items, stock UP!


Aldi has greek yogurt in individual cups, but we prefer the big containers of Greek yogurt. They cost $3.49 at our Aldi. You can't beat the price!

We love the flavor. Our kids eat it with granola for breakfast or berry parfaits for dessert. We always have a container in our fridge! It comes in a plain flavor as well. 



I am a cereal snob. I think most generic cereal doesn't taste very good, but Aldi cereal is GOOD. You guys, at $1.99 a box (sometimes less) you can't beat the price! 

If your family is a big on cereal consider switching to Aldi cereal. Sure you may be able to get cheaper prices shopping with coupons and sales at your local grocery store, but sometimes we don't have time for all that. 

If you are looking for simpel chagnes, try Aldi cereal. 

What are you favoirtie thing to buy at Aldi? Let us know!


Source: http://melissavoigt.com